ESI offers a suite of collaborative, industry-oriented applications for Virtual Prototyping, spanning performance testing and manufacturing processes.
Welcome Sheet Metal Forming Casting Welding & Heat treatment FAQ
Welcome to the My-CAE web interface!
The following pages enable you to effectively verify selected manufacturing processes in the fields of Sheet Metal Forming, Casting and Welding & Heat treatment. Our interface will help you to avoid expensive trial and error processes on real prototypes during the development cycle of your product.
Engineers of MECAS ESI s.r.o. will provide you with "as good as real" virtual solutions. All results reached are based on multi-year experience in support and consultancy with industrially validated ESI Group's product portfolio. (learn more by clicking on the highlighted company names …) The processes evaluated via computer simulation on this site:

Our site enables:
  • To verify your Sheet Metal Forming, Casting and Welding & Heat treatment processes based on your description (input data forms for each process can be downloaded)

  • To reduce cost of the development cycle. Our process of evaluation of selected processes reduces time and cost of resources needed for its analysis (you can direcly select profitable cost category according your process)

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